5 tips to get in shape for summer

Every year around spring, gyms get the influx of new members wanting to get in shape and get the “beach-ready” bodies in time for summer. Most of us go crazy trying to find the 30 days to perfect Abs workout and the right fad diet that promises to make us fit and fabulous by the time we need to get into a swimsuit.

Ok, there’s nothing wrong with that. At least people are trying to get into shape, which is good! But sometimes, the easiest ways are forgotten. So, here are some precious tips to get in shape for the summer and to keep in mind!

  1. Eat more fruits, more vegetables, more fish and fewer carbs
  2. Stay positive! Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going.
  3. Drink a lot of water…not only Rosé!
  4. Do some sports, go for a walk, and try to be active
  5. Inhale some essentials oils, they are perfect to reduce stress and to provide some good sleep.

Then, follow Dr.Zadeh’s tips for the summer….

It’s very important to do some exercise during the year, and not only during the summer. You can start with some daily walk in the park, it will help you to increase your cardiac rhythm. Wherever you are, at home or at work, you can still stay busy, take the stairs instead of the elevator, go for a walk during lunch time…there are many occasions to keep your body busy! For me, doing sports is very important. it comes with a good healthy style life. Couples of times in the week, I go to the gym regularly. I love to play tennis, it helps to reduce stress and it’s a great social activity. I encourage everyone to stay active and have a good healthy lifestyle. ” – Dr. Zadeh.


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