Botox injections: yes or no?

Botox injections: yes or no?

Botox® is a safe injectable treatment for wrinkles and lines. The product is made from a highly purified form of a natural protein complex, which has been used to treat various conditions associated with muscle spasms in infants, children, and adults for more than three decades. The cosmetic form of this product is a direct result of such medical uses.

What’s the difference between Botox® and Dysport™ ?

Dysport™ has the same active ingredient as Botox®, but it is produced by a different manufacturer. It has been used for medical purposes in Europe since 1990. The units of Botox and the units of Dysport are different, and there are minor differences in the composition and “carrier proteins.” Studies so far, and the experience in Europe and Canada, have shown no differences in the frequency or type of side effects of the two products. There is some evidence that Dysport™ has an earlier onset of action — frequently within 2 days — and in some people, it may have a slightly longer duration of action than Botox®.

Is it risky?

For many reasons, people confuse what Botox actually does with another age-fighting beauty injectable. Botox’s goal is to render a muscle weaker for 3-4 months. It doesn’t fill lines, it just makes it harder to make the muscle contraction that creates the lines,  explains Dr. Zadeh, surgeon and owner of the Westmount Esthetic Surgery Clinic in Montreal. So does it work on those wrinkles around our mouth? Not really. If you have smile lines, you’ll need a filler to erase them. Usually, we work with Restylane.”Some reactions that have been reported include asthma symptoms, feeling faint or itching. But there is only a small chance of getting an allergic reaction.

Does it hurt?

For most of the patients, it is not particularly painful but you can’t expect to feel anything when getting the injection. “During the procedure, you can feel a slight pinch from the needle, “ says Dr. Zadeh.

Are results spontaneous?

“Normally, and depending on the patients, it takes 3-4 days to show the full effect. The results will last about 4 months, depending on the depth of the wrinkles. When you start a Botox treatment, you’ll have to come back for little touch ups. And for younger patients, you can use Botox to prevent the lines” explains Dr. Zadeh. Here are couples of benefits:

  • Botox treats wrinkles and lines in the upper portion of the face, and enlarged muscles of the jaw. It is also used to treat certain headaches.
  • Botox can be used to shape the eyebrows
  • Botox is one of the safest and most effective treatments for smoothing the lines and wrinkles caused by movement.
  • Over time, shallower lines will frequently repair themselves
Happy look, happy mood?

Feeling good improves your mood. When Botox relaxes muscles, you look happier and it can improve your mood.


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